About Us

At Philip Gabriel Photography, we believe wedding photography is an art. Based just outside of Philadelphia in Media, PA, we photograph weddings in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

The Philip Gabriel Photography team strives to incorporates interesting elements of an area’s unique local character into all of their wedding photographs.

Gabe Fredericks

Gabe Fredericks was raised in a creative environment and has been surrounded by art and design his entire life. His father Philip (hence the company name Philip Gabriel Photography) introduced him to Photography at a young age and Gabe has been photographing ever since. Something about capturing a special moment in time that can’t ever be repeated appealed to Gabe and he has been striving to capture those pure emotional moments ever since.

Due to his artistic upbringing, Gabe has mastered an amazing sense of beauty and use of light. He has an unexplainable vision and ability to see what the finished image will look like prior to even capturing the image. This is something, which simply cannot be taught, this is pure talent. In addition to his talent, he is the friendliest guy you’ll ever meet. His hearty Santa laughter (which can easily be heard within a 20ft+ radius!) and warm personality makes anyone feel at ease being around him.

He is not only a talented photographer and a great person; Gabe is also a proud father to Riley and Mason and a dedicated husband to his wife Dawn of 10 years and counting. Being a parent has put Gabe in a new perspective on weddings. The moment when the bride dances with her father, always reminds him of his little girl. “Something about this special moment always reminds me of how quickly time goes by, I don’t even want to picture Riley’s wedding day, I wish she could stay 6 years old forever”. This is one of the many reasons why Gabe loves capturing these once in a lifetime moments that will be cherished and remembered for years to come.

Gabe loves what he does and goes above and beyond for his clients daily, from meetings on his days off and traveling to their homes, to answering countless emails at the wee hours of the night (as many clients will attest to that). On his extremely rare days off, he loves nothing more then spending time with his family and will tell you himself, “Nothing makes me happier then being surrounded by my family.”

Gabe Cariola

Gabe also graduated from The Tyler School of Art. Together, Gabe and Gabe are renowned for their “do anything” attitude to capture the very best photographs of your special day.

As a young boy, Gabe found his dad’s old Pentex camera and asked his mom if he could have it. He’s been preserving memories through photography ever since.

Gabe loves photographing candid moments shared between a bride and her mother right before putting on the wedding dress. The emotion captured in these shots are practically guaranteed to make even the toughest person shed a tear.

Monica Brofman Picciau

Monica is not only an extremely talented photographer, she is also one of the sweetest people you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting! Monica, who is a recent bride herself, is also a graduate of the Tyler school of Arts and has been with Philip Gabriel Photography for 7 years and counting.

While she loves everything about weddings, Monica’s favorite moment is when the maid of honor, who happens to be the bride’s sister, is giving her speech. Being one of three girls in her family, it really hits home when the sister shares her love and happiness for the bride despite all the screaming matches and fights that took place during their upbringing (can you relate?!)

Now that Monica has personally experienced the wonderful ups down of wedding planning, she is the perfect photographer to guide you through the fun adventures. She will not only assist you with your wedding timeline and provide ideas for photo ops throughout your day, most importantly, she will provide you with the most beautiful images of your day!

Anya Antonyuk Macchia

Anya works closely with clients throughout the entire wedding photography process, making her the go-to person for answers to all of your questions. Her creative background and eye for design are helpful when guiding clients during image and design selections, and her friendly personality helps make the entire process memorable.

As a child, Anya was always the talkative one. Her bubbly, outgoing personality makes communicating with clients second nature to her. She has a knack for relating to everyone, and uses this ability to provide assistance in a friendly and timely fashion. Wedding planning can be very stressful, so having Anya around to ease the stress is the best!

If you ask her to pick her favorite wedding moment, Anya would hands-down vote for the father of the bride’s speech to his daughter. Whether the toast is given in front of an intimate crowd of 20, or 200 people in a ballroom, the moment always feels so personal and special.

Anya loves being able to take part in making someone’s wedding day a dream come true by helping them capture all of the special moments that they will remember forever.

What’s next?

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