Meet Sean

Sean is motivated by every opportunity to photograph the “decisive moment” - the split second moment that perfectly describes the exact emotions of the event. His interest in photography began at his family vacation house when he was younger. The place was covered wall to wall in beautiful photographs from all over the world. All his walking around and examining each one sent him on his way to study Photojournalism at the Rochester Institute of Technology. From there, he proceeded to move to South Korea and traveled as much as possible in the hopes that he could fill his home with photographs just like the ones he saw growing up.

In his free time, Sean likes just about anything outdoors. Biking, hiking, paddling, you name it! Anything that keeps him active and applying sunscreen sounds good to him!

on the water
fluffy buddy
  • Highly recommend! Philip Gabriel Photography was wonderful to work with every step of the way! Gabe, Sean, and Kate were so professional and detail-oriented. They were flexible and optimistic about the rain on our wedding day and came prepared with umbrellas and so many ideas for photos. Dawn and Julia kindly answered all of our questions leading up to the day!

    - C.T.

Sean's Latest Work

  • Cara and Ian

    Please Touch Museum

  • Rachel and Grant

    Logan Hotel

  • Marissa and Michael

    Ballroom at Ellis Preserve

  • Lincoln and Quinn

    Phoenixville Foundry

  • Zoe and Ben

  • Sydney

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