Meet Jeff

Jeff spent most of his childhood drawing until he received his first camera at the age of 5. When he realized he could draw with light, he was hooked! At the time, photography was a slow process compared to the fast paced digital age today. Jeff loved the mystery and excitement of waiting for images to come back from being processed at the lab. He spent his high school days in the darkroom doing his own processing and printing and taking any other art classes that he could squeeze into his schedule. While attending Temple’s Tyler School of Art, Jeff started photographing weddings, events, portraits and hasn’t stopped since.

Jeff is a proud father of 5 children and one grandchild that he adores! He enjoys teaching, hiking, exploring nature and abandoned places…However, he prefers to have a camera in hand for most of these activities! Recently, he’s been spending his free time on some home improvement projects and rebuilding his kitchen.

painting with light
the famdamly
with grand baby and Tsuki

Jeff's Latest Work

  • Addison

  • Eli

  • Savannah and Alex

    Union Trust

  • Isabella

    Phoenixville Foundry

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