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Why Choose Us?

Our team of experts is dedicated to capturing craveworthy, commercial food and product photography that leaps out of the frame. Our goal is to make your experience seamless and enjoyable from the initial concept to the delivery of final images. Whether you’re aiming to showcase a product, tell a compelling story, or make a lasting impression with your unique brand identity, we’re your partners in visual storytelling. We maintain open lines of communication with our clients, actively seeking your input and feedback to ensure we’re aligned every step of the way. Watch as we transform your product into stunning images fit for the big screens. Your success is our focus!

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  • food

    Stay up all night thinking about cookies

    We're thrilled to showcase our collaboration with the iconic national cookie brand, Insomnia Cookies, capturing the essence of their sweet treats in captivatingly creative and playful product and marketing campaigns.

    Indulge your taste buds as we bring to life the irresistible allure of late-night guilty pleasures. From decadent cookies to creamy milkshakes, our lens captures every crumb, every swirl, and every sweet moment in between.

  • products

    Quench your thirst for innovation

    Philip Gabriel Photography is happy to partner with Quench USA, where excellence in hydration meets cutting-edge technology. From their innovative sparkling and bottleless water dispensers, to their coffee brewers, we capture a comprehensive range of Quench’s top-of-the-line solutions tailored to fit any workplace.

    Highlighting the sleek lines and modern design of Quench's dispensers, each photograph from lifestyle images to product shots on white, illustrates the functionality and sophistication that their product seamlessly brings to the professional world.

  • events

    Savor the art of culinary excellence

    We are proud to collaborate with the esteemed global brand, Aramark, over the last 15+ years to create artfully crafted, eye-catching images that fuse culinary expertise with visual artistry. From the hands of some of Philadelphia’s finest chefs and food stylists, every dish is a masterpiece waiting to be captured. Whether it's a tantalizing limited-time offer ad, a mouthwatering menu item, or a captivating culinary campaign, we bring out the essence of Aramark's culinary creations with style and sophistication.

  • portraits

    Capture the spirit of creativity

    Push10 is a leading branding agency working with premier mission-driven organizations, renowned for delivering innovative marketing campaigns, impactful branding, bespoke web design, and great work for great causes.

    Over the years we have continuously striven to create fun and playful headshots that truly reflect the unique personalities of their individual employees. Through innovative post-production techniques, we seamlessly merge individual headshots into dynamic group compositions, ensuring flexibility as your team grows and evolves, and a striking final image.

PGP Fun Fact!

At Philip Gabriel Photography, we believe in providing our clients with a fully immersive and interactive experience during commercial photo shoots. Not only do we offer real-time tethering to a large monitor, allowing you to see the images as they are being captured, but we also provide individual iPads on site. With the photos at the palm of your hand, you can follow along with the images from anywhere on set, getting as close as you need to ensure every detail is perfect. This level of flexibility allows our clients to continue conducting other work while still being fully present for decision-making during the shoot.

Let’s Work Together

If you're looking for a great photographer, Gabriel Fredericks is the team! Their work is truly exceptional and captures the essence of every moment. Their attention to detail and artistic eye are unmatched, resulting in stunning photos that will leave you in awe. Everyone on Gabe's team is a pleasure to work with, making the whole experience enjoyable and stress-free. We've worked with them on stills, product shots, action, video, and events. They do it all. I highly recommend!

Veronica M.

I've had the pleasure of working with the folks at Philip Gabriel Photography 20+ times as both a vendor partner working on the same event and as a client. They are my #1 recommended photography company whenever someone asks for suggestions, and they never disappoint! Beautiful photography, great customer service, and all around wonderful people to work with.

Karen W.

I've had the pleasure of not only working side by side with Gabe and his team for 20 years but also was a client of Philip Gabriel Photography. Gabe and his team are THE BEST to work with in the tri-state area. Incredibly fun, inspiring, creative and thoughtful with every shot they take! I'm always brilliantly amazed of our wonderful they are to work with!

Eric A., The Logan Hotel