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Celebrate your furry friends with Philip Gabriel Photography's Pet Portraits

At Philip Gabriel Photography, we cherish the unique bond between pets and their families. Our pet photos capture the endearing quirks and charms of your furry friends. We are dedicated to creating beautiful portraits that reflect the special place that you hold in your heart for your pet.

Our expertise in photography allows us to capture your pet no matter what the scenario. Whether you have a playful pup, an elegant cat, or any other adored companions, each session is dedicated to highlight their individual personalities, ensuring a treasured memory that lasts a lifetime.

Explore our portfolio to witness the heartwarming moments we've captured.

Let us help you immortalize your pet's spirit in stunning photographs that speak volumes of the love you share.

  • Tucker

  • The Frenchies

  • Mittens and Olive

  • PG did an amazing job of wrangling two children and a dog for an adorable Holiday portrait. The background was gorgeous and it was hard to choose the photos that we liked the most. I’m thrilled to have such a professional studio so close to home.

    - Meghan E.

Capture the heart of your pet with Philip Gabriel Photography

Turn the playful spirit and unique personality of your pets into lasting art with Philip Gabriel's pet photography. From energetic puppies to serene felines, our sessions are tailored to capture the essence of your beloved animal companions. Experience a fun and engaging photoshoot that highlights the special bond you share with your pets. Book Philip Gabriel today and immortalize your pet's charm in stunning portraits.