About Us

Philip Gabriel Photography’s commercial photography and production team specializes in providing corporate clients with unmatched customer satisfaction by consistently creating striking and powerful images and producing dynamic video based on our client’s specifications and within budget.

Our philosophy is two-fold.

First, Philip Gabriel invests significant time and resources in developing a talented team of photographers, videographers, and a production team who are committed to providing the highest quality photography and video services.

Second,  Philip Gabriel has invested significant capital upgrading to the latest state-of-the-art equipment and constructing a state-of-the-art studio in Media, PA.

Through these investments, Philip Gabriel Photography is able to provide unmatched commercial photography and video services, regardless of the location, and ensure their clients’ photographs and video projects will be completed to their satisfaction.

We encourage you to browse our online portfolio of food, portraits, architectural, and product images and videos and contact us to discuss your upcoming photography and video production needs.

Gabe Fredericks

Gabe Fredericks, who is a cross between the Heatmiser and a megaphone, is the creative mastermind and owner of the PGP studio.

Gabe’s meticulous attention to detail is both a gift and a curse and will put the average organized person to shame. Whether he is creating images of food, capturing professional headshots or styling an architectural shoot, his larger than life personality makes the entire process feel like a walk in the park.

His unusual ability to continuously perform at 100% and photograph project after project while making time for his family is simply impossible and yet he manages to do just that.

Gabe Cariola

Gabe Cariola, otherwise known as G2, is chameleon behind the camera! Whether he is photographing architecture, corporate portraits, food or events, he knows how to adapt and excel in any situation.

While he enjoys creating images to document a variety of subjects, G2 loves capturing people’s true emotions and his most memorable shoots have been those that benefit a great cause such as the Great Chefs event and the Manna organization.

His talents also go beyond creating the images, as he is responsible for not only backing up our continuously growing image database but also processing and color correcting many of the event and project images we create. While he may appear shy at first, any mention of Rival Bros coffee, craft beer or fly fishing, will get him to talk instantly…be careful what you wish for!

Monica Brofman Picciau

Monica is a fine artist in every sense of the word! Her keen attention to detail, composition, lighting and passion allow her to create beautiful imagery for clients in a variety of fields. Whether she is taking corporate portraits in an office, documenting an event or creating some scrumptious food photography, her fine art background and passion for her craft always deliver stunning imagery!

Her most memorable events captured to date have been for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. She absolutely loves being able to capture every emotion, from laughter to tears, at these events and looks forward to them every year. In addition to being an incredible photographer, Monica is hands down one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! As a mother of two beautiful boys, she knows compassion and joy like no other and brings that to every project she works on.

Lauren Peterson

Lauren is the “can do” attitude in human form, there’s no challenge she can’t overcome. Need a food stylist tomorrow morning? Done! Need a industrial size griddle overnight? Done! She may not want to admit it, but she has become quite the local celebrity – specifically at the local grocery and Target stores which she frequents daily if not multiple times a day – just for the right photoshoot props.

With all the day-to-day tasks that come her way, Lauren most enjoys watching the fruits of her labor come to fruition. Her favorite photo/video shoot has been a hectic 3 days in North Carolina. The days were long and exhausting but being part of something that made our clients happy – was totally worth every second.

Amber Kirylak

Amber is our post production wizard and retouching extraordinaire! She loves the challenge of processing and enhancing images to make them their absolute best for our clients. These touch-ups can range from removing a few crumbs in a food photo, to swapping out a favorite smile from one photo to another. When it comes to Amber, the possibilities, and photoshop-abilities, are endless!

Along with her post production talents behind the scenes, Amber is also very active on set as well! Often times she is there from the beginning of the process as a production assistant, to the very end when she delivers the final images to our clients. Having been a part of a wide variety of projects, she has a special place in her heart for food photography. She sees it as a unique opportunity for the photographer, chef and often food stylist to combine their creative forces and create images so delicious you want to eat them up! Her most memorable food photoshoot to date was a week long shoot in Texas where she assisted in creating scrumptious images and got to taste BBQ every night following a long day of shooting!

Regardless if Amber is working on food, architecture, portrait or event photography, you can rest easy knowing you are working with someone just as passionate about your project as you are.

John M. White

John M. White is the ideal combination of organization and creativity. He has a system and label for everything, which vital in ensuring he has everything needed to create stellar footage for our clients! As a visual story-teller, he loves capturing everything from food, people, events and testimonials to gorgeous landscapes across the country.

On one shoot in particular he needed footage of the night sky and a beautiful Texas sunrise. This all-nighter, coupled with multiple days of filming made for a very long but rewarding shoot. Karma must have been on his side, because the only seats available on his flight home to Philadelphia were first class! BINGO Clark!

No matter how long and tiring a shoot may be, John keeps his creativity and energy working at full speed to make each and every video he creates is the most successful it can be.

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