Video Production Information

Types Of Videography

1. Commercial Production

Philip Gabriel Production can create all types of commercial videos for your company. Whether you’re looking to advertise, recruit, train, or promote at an upcoming event, we can create the perfect video to convey your message.


2. Product Video

Have a product you would like to showcase and market? Product videos by Philip Gabriel Productions are the perfect marketing tool!


3. Identity Films

Create a video that’s all about you, your team, and your vision! Who are you and what would you like to accomplish? Let Philip Gabriel Productions help share your story with the world.

Video Production Process


Our team will meet with you and walk you through the process of having your video produced. We will work closely with your creative team to develop the perfect story to fit your needs.


All of our production is done in-house, so you never have to worry about getting “lost in the mix.”

The same people who help you develop your concept will work with you all the way through to the end. We use our own equipment, people, and studio to create an incredible product for your company.


Philip Gabriel Productions does not outsource any of our work to another production company. We will work closely with your team after filming is finished to create the perfect final product.

Interfacing With Agencies

We have often worked with agencies on films to create concepts, execute production, and provide the perfect image for your company.

We can also produce specific phases of the production and work with agencies to deliver a complete product.


With our state-of-the-art studio located near Philadelphia, we can film your next project in-house or bring our production team to you!

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