Wedding Photography Frequently Asked Questions

Have wedding photography questions? Here are some of the most frequently asked questions asked by our clients!

What time of year is best for wedding pictures?

Wedding Seasons

This all comes down to personal preference based on how you would like your images to look. Some items to consider:

Spring – Rich green colors – blossoming trees, crisp freshness.

Summer – Warm weather, lots of sunlight, long days.

Fall – Tree foliage, cool weather, daylight savings.

Winter – Beautiful light, early sunset, fewer weddings (more availability)

When Do I Need To Book My Photographer?

This is not an exact science, but the more time you allow to plan, meet with wedding photographers, and select the one you connect with the best without feeling pressured to make a rash decision, the less stressed you will be throughout the planning process and on wedding day.

Typically, Philip Gabriel Photography is booked anywhere from 8 months to two years ahead. We are happy to check our availability for your event date. Please feel free to contact us.

There are so many options when it comes to photographers and other wedding professionals – what are some key traits to look for?

The planning process alone can be quite overwhelming – selecting the right person to work with can make all the difference and make you feel at ease. Here are the top four traits to look for when selecting the right wedding professional:

  • Personality – Is this person easy to talk to? Does he/she have your best interest in mind? Do they understand you and your thoughts/ideas?
  • Knowledge – Do they have the right experience and background in their field? Are they able to assist and guide you with your decisions?
  • Skill – Do they have the right skill level to execute what it is your looking for? Do they have examples on their website for reference?
  • Professionalism – Do they dress and carry themselves professionally? Would you feel comfortable with them interacting with your friends and family if necessary? Do they respond to your phone calls/emails promptly and professionally?

How do I create my wedding day timeline?

Creating a timeline is crucial for your wedding to run smoothly. For example, allowing too much extra time in between events can be costly and lead to unnecessary downtime while not having enough time can lead to issues with sunlight and/or time for outdoor photos.

At Philip Gabriel Photography, we assist our clients with their timelines and are happy to answer any questions in the process.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Time of the year – Is your wedding taking place before or after daylight savings time? What time is the sunset? What will the weather be? How long would you want to be outside for?
  • Travel time – How close/far are ceremony, reception and possible photograph locations? Are there any public events taking place that may create more traffic/issues during travel?
  • Ceremony/reception start time – These (2) items may be booked prior to any other planning taking place, make sure that you either have some flexibly with the venues, or that there is enough time between the ceremony and reception for travel, pictures and any other items you may want to take place.


We’re not sure we want to see each other before our ceremony – we want the first glance to be special. Are there benefits to seeing each other beforehand?

Whether you see each other before the ceremony or at the ceremony, this special moment shared between you and your fiancé, will be unforgettable!

Here are some great benefits to seeing each other prior to your ceremony:

This is a great opportunity to create more time for your portraits without squeezing them in between the ceremony and reception.

If your wedding takes place during daylight savings, this allows you to have outside images with the sun setting earlier.

Since the reveal/first glance is typically done right after you get ready, you will look your absolute best!

Digital files – Are they a must? Should I get them?

Even though it may seem like a great idea to get them at first, think long term. Will you have time to go through all the image to create the prints you would like? Or are you better off spending that same money with your photography studio, who will provide you with great service and quality images without the hassle of you doing on your own?

From our experience, we’ve seen many situations where these photos get lost in the ‘digital shuffle’ – life happens, you relocate, have children, and/or simply don’t have the time. The images that were going to be printed or made into an album are forgotten.

Philip Gabriel Photography will never discourage you from purchasing digital files – at the same time, we recommend being smart with your budget. Digital files create more work for you to do on your own – think before you spend.

I want to take pictures outside, is there anything I should be aware of besides possible rain?

There may be a lot of things that we can plan, control, and change prior to and on wedding day, but weather is not one of them.

At Philip Gabriel Photography, we believe that it is not the weather that makes or breaks the images, it is the people’s expressions in those very images. If it happens to rain on your wedding day, don’t hide from it or let it ruin your special day – the best you can do is embrace it!

When you look back at your images 10, 20, 50 years from your wedding day, you want to remember how happy and in love you both were – not the weather.

In addition to rain, you should also prepare for…

  • Extreme heat/humidity – bring LOTS of cold water! Think about areas where you can be in the shade.
  • Cold and blistering winds – The weather may look pretty from the inside, but once you step outside, you will feel the chill! Make sure to have a jacket, wrap, etc., available to wear whether for the entire time, or between photo sessions.
  • Rain/Snow – Think rain boots are just for kids? Think again! This could be a fun way to incorporate your wedding colors and wear fun rain boots while taking pictures outside. You can save your pretty heels for when you’re nice and dry at your reception.
  • Back up plans/location options – The forecast may say one thing, but Mother Nature, just like most women, can change her mind at the drop of a hat! Be well prepared with back up locations and plan “B” just in case.

Philip Gabriel Photography is always prepared for rain or shine and will even come supplied with umbrellas (for the couple). Make sure that you and your photographer are prepared as well.

Wedding Seasons

My friend didn’t get an album with their wedding package, should I?

As great as digital files are, there’s nothing better than looking and holding something tangible in your hands.

Having an album – big or small – is an awesome way to keep all your beautiful wedding moments in one place. Years down the road, the digital files may get lost/misplaced/forgotten, but your wedding album will stay present in your life whether it is displayed on your bookshelf or adoring your living room coffee table.

Your album is so much more than just an album – it’s a book full of priceless memories.

(Hint: Placing this beautiful object in plain sign is a great way to *hint* at your upcoming wedding anniversary)

My future husband isn’t great at having his picture taken – can anything help?

Choosing a photographer who can make you feel relaxed and comfortable is crucial to creating great images.

While we don’t encourage heavy drinking, it’s possible that having a drink prior to the session may make the groom more relaxed and help create more natural-looking images.

Additional Questions

We’re here to answer your additional questions! Contact Philip Gabriel Photography today!