Kaitlin and Dave’s Hotel DuPont Wedding – Wilmington, Delaware

Posted on March 26th, 2014 in Weddings by Gabe Fredericks

Kaitlin and Dave celebrated their beautiful winter wedding at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware. Despite the rainy winter weather, Kaitlin and Dave were glowing with warmth and radiance, giving the day a light of it’s own.

Since we could not travel around the sights of Wilmington, we moved through the scenery in and around the Hotel DuPont, which is just as beautiful to photograph.

The ketubah signing and ceremony had so many beautiful moments with Kaitlin and Dave’s families. It was wonderful to see such a tightly knit group of family and friends come together to celebrate their day.

The Gold Ballroom at DuPont was elegant and shining, decorated in Flowers By Yuki. Between the toasts and dances, we captured some great shots of many smiles and a few tears. Big Ric Rising from BVT Live! really moved the crowd and created a great atmosphere for laughter and good times.

We ended the night with some beautiful photographs outside the Hotel DuPont on the lit-up streets of Wilmington. Thank you Kaitlin and Dave for choosing us to capture this special day for you guys. It was a great night!

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