Ayden Newborn Studio Portrait Session – Media, Pa

Posted April 15th, 2014 by gabe

Shari and Michael Brodsky joined us at our studio in Media, PA for pictures with their newborn baby Ayden. We captured some beautiful moments with Ayden and his parents as they enjoyed him in his littlest stage. Hope you enjoy previewing this beautiful families images as much as we did creating them.

003-Aiden-Newborn (1) 009-Aiden-Newborn (1) 025-Aiden-Newborn (1) 033-Aiden-Newborn (1) 043-Aiden-Newborn (1) 047-Aiden-Newborn (1) 068-Aiden-Newborn (1) 079-Aiden-Newborn (1) 085-Aiden-Newborn (1)

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Jennifer and John celebrated wedding and reception at Vie that is owned an operated by the Cescaphe Event Group in Philadelphia. Jennifer and John were great to work with! They were so comfortable in front of the camera and a lot of fun! Jennifer’s cousin, Lindsey, had us photograph her wedding as well, so it was nice to see Lindsey again and participate in another wedding with this lovely family.

Jennifer got ready at the le Meridien hotel across from City Hall. There we captured some great moments with Jennifer and her family. We loved especially when Jennifer and her father exchanged teary-eyed hugs and kisses before she went off to meet John. The couple chose to have their “reveal” before the ceremony at City Hall and then travel to Washington Square Park for pictures. The couple was glowing! We had a great time photographing around Philadelphia’s sights.

From there we traveled to Cescaphe’s Vie for the ceremony and reception. The ceremony itself was beautiful; we were able to capture a lot of love, laughter, and tears between Jenn and John and their family and friends.

Cescaphe operates some of Philadelphia’s most sought after and beautiful wedding venues, and Vie was perfect match for Jennifer and John!  Vie is one of Cescaphe’s largest venues and the team provided a delicious spread of food for the couple and their guests. They never fail to keep their guests full and happy… :-)  

Beautiful Blooms and there team took the couples vision for their wedding and brought it to life! The floral, decor, and lighting was beautiful!!! The band Don’t Call Me Francis helped to make for a memorable reception as they kept rockin’ all night long and made sure the dance floor stayed packed! As always, it was a pleasure capturing the day alongside our great friends and extremely talented film makers from Allure Films by Video One Productions. Well done to the ENTRIE wedding day team who helped to make Jennifer and John’s wedding PERFECT!!!

It was obvious that everyone attending the wedding had a wonderful day.  Jennifer and John spent the rest of their night dancing with their guests and celebrating. What a great time! Thank you Jennifer and John for including us in documenting this important day in your lives! You guys were awesome to work with!

0070-Jennifer-and-John-0034-Jennifer-and-John- 0048-Jennifer-and-John- 0053-Jennifer-and-John-OliviaLearns0080-Jennifer-and-John- 0089-Jennifer-and-John- 0096-Jennifer-and-John- 0104-Jennifer-and-John- 0112-Jennifer-and-John- 0117-Jennifer-and-John- 0127-Jennifer-and-John- 0132-Jennifer-and-John- 0141-Jennifer-and-John- 0152-Jennifer-and-John- 0154-Jennifer-and-John- 0171-Jennifer-and-John- 0172-Jennifer-and-John- 0180-Jennifer-and-John- 0182-Jennifer-and-John- 0184-Jennifer-and-John- 0188-Jennifer-and-John- 0206-Jennifer-and-John- 0213-Jennifer-and-John- 0239-Jennifer-and-John- 0257-Jennifer-and-John- 0283-Jennifer-and-John- 0285-Jennifer-and-John- 0351-Jennifer-and-John- 0362-Jennifer-and-John- 0420-Jennifer-and-John- 0422-Jennifer-and-John- 0460-Jennifer-and-John- 0476-Jennifer-and-John- 0485-Jennifer-and-John- 0492-Jennifer-and-John- 0512-Jennifer-and-John- 0516-Jennifer-and-John- 0528-Jennifer-and-John- 0553-Jennifer-and-John- 0599-Jennifer-and-John- 0600-Jennifer-and-John- 0627-Jennifer-and-John- 0651-Jennifer-and-John- 0661-Jennifer-and-John- 0707-Jennifer-and-John- 0730-Jennifer-and-John- 0757-Jennifer-and-John- 0911-Jennifer-and-John- 0918-Jennifer-and-John- 0923-Jennifer-and-John- 0940-Jennifer-and-John- 0971-Jennifer-and-John- 0990-Jennifer-and-John- 1011-Jennifer-and-John- 1054-Jennifer-and-John- 1064-Jennifer-and-John- 1073-Jennifer-and-John- 1243-Jennifer-and-John- 1254-Jennifer-and-John- 1287-Jennifer-and-John- 1400-Jennifer-and-John- 1422-Jennifer-and-John- 1431-Jennifer-and-John- 1452-Jennifer-and-John- 1472-Jennifer-and-John- 1485-Jennifer-and-John- 1493-Jennifer-and-John- 1509-Jennifer-and-John- 1547-Jennifer-and-John- 1618-Jennifer-and-John- 1631-Jennifer-and-John- 1636-Jennifer-and-John-

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Kaitlin and Dave celebrated their beautiful winter wedding at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware. Despite the rainy winter weather, Kaitlin and Dave were glowing with warmth and radiance, giving the day a light of it’s own.

Since we could not travel around the sights of Wilmington, we moved through the scenery in and around the Hotel DuPont, which is just as beautiful to photograph.

The ketubah signing and ceremony had so many beautiful moments with Kaitlin and Dave’s families. It was wonderful to see such a tightly knit group of family and friends come together to celebrate their day.

 The Gold Ballroom at DuPont was elegant and shining, decorated in Flowers By Yuki. Between the toasts and dances, we captured some great shots of many smiles and a few tears. Big Ric Rising from BVT Live! really moved the crowd and created a great atmosphere for laughter and good times.

We ended the night with some beautiful photographs outside the Hotel DuPont on the lit-up streets of Wilmington. Thank you Kaitlin and Dave for choosing us to capture this special day for you guys. It was a great night!

0023-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouch 0036-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouch 0112-Kaitlin-and-DaveOretouch 0125-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouch 0142-Kaitlin-and-DaveOretouch 0175-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouch 0227-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouch 0252-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouch 0275-Kaitlin-and-DaveOretouch 0303-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouch 0309-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouch 0349-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouch 0521-Kaitlin-and-DaveOretouch 0590-Kaitlin-and-DaveOretouch 0611-Kaitlin-and-Dave 3 0621-Kaitlin-and-Dave 3 0636-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouch 0663-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouch 0722-Kaitlin-and-DaveOretouch 0833-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouch 0836-Kaitlin-and-DaveOretouch 0940-Kaitlin-and-Dave 1 0978-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouch 0994-Kaitlin-and-Dave 1115-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouched 1248-Kaitlin-and-DaveORetouchedt


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Caitlin and Aaron had a beautiful wedding at the Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware.

Caitlin looked stunning and elegant, glowing all day from the moment we arrived until the end of the night. We especially loved capturing the beautiful moments while Caitlin was getting ready.  From her family and friends reactions to Caitlin while helping her get dressed, it was clear to see how much the tight-knit family cared for each other.

The ceremony was held in the Du Barry room at the Hotel DuPont. The hotel makes for a beautiful setting inside and out and is the perfect backdrop for a wedding! Following Caitlin and Aaron’s ceremony we took pictures on DuPont’s classic staircase and outside of the hotel. We then returned to the Gold Ballroom for the fulfilled reception. The gorgeous floral on their day was created by Sweet Pea. Not only is the hotel setting perfect and picturesque but the hotel staff is outstanding with the level of customer service and quality they strive for in every event they plan.

It was a pleasure, as always, working with our friends from Allure Films by Video One Productions. The Allure Films team always beautifully capture all of the tender moments in the weddings film they create.

The reception provided wonderful moments to document as Caitlin and Aarons party was led by the fantastic party band, Jellyroll from BVT Live. Jellyroll was burning up the dance floor! They did a fantastic job keeping the party hopping and making sure everyone was having a lot of fun.

We ended the night with a few night shots of Caitlin and Aaron outside of the Hotel DuPont. The city lights were pretty, but Caitlin and Aaron were the ones truly glowing in the pictures. The day was jam-packed with really touching moments that we loved capturing.

Thank you Caitlin and Aaron for choosing us at Philip Gabriel to document your day!





















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Michele and Sal picked a great spot, Finley Catering’s Ballroom at the Ben, to celebrate their wedding in Philadelphia.

Their beautiful ceremony was held at St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Philadelphia. It was a touching moment to wittiness Sal tearing up when he saw Michele for the first time as the church doors opened and she made her way down the isle. When Michele and her father reached the alter, it was apparent that everyone watching could feel the love as Michele’s father pulled Sal in for a hug. If I could have heard the words shared my guess is it would have sounded something like, “Welcome to the family, son.” It’s moments like this that keep us excited about documenting special events.

It was a great day to celebrate! After the ceremony, we went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and to Philadelphia’s City Hall where we captured some classic Philadelphia photographs.

Following the portraits in the city, we headed over to the Ballroom at the Ben for their reception. The Finley Catering team always does an incredible job providing delicious food for their guests in an elegant setting. Also documenting and filming the event was our friends from Allure Films by Video One Productions. We’ve worked with the Allure team on many occasions and we really love how they capture the beautiful and important moments of a wedding day. The E.B.E. band, Rio kept the reception jumping from start to finish and did a great job making sure the guests had a fabulous night.

Overall the day was a beautiful success! Michele and Sal looked radiant, and it was an honor to document their unforgettable wedding for them. Thanks Michele and Sal, we loved working with you and photographing your day!

0018-Michele-and-Sal- 0031-Michele-and-Sal- 0051-Michele-and-Sal- 0064-Michele-and-Sal- 0068-Michele-and-Sal- 0075-Michele-and-Sal- 0086-Michele-and-Sal- 0095-Michele-and-Sal- 0108-Michele-and-Sal- 0128-Michele-and-Sal- 0145-Michele-and-Sal- 0157-Michele-and-Sal- 0163-Michele-and-Sal- 0171-Michele-and-Sal- 0192-Michele-and-Sal- 0199-Michele-and-Sal- 0239-Michele-and-Sal- 0257-Michele-and-Sal- 0261-Michele-and-Sal- 0262-Michele-and-Sal- 0270-Michele-and-Sal- 0321-Michele-and-Sal- 0329-Michele-and-Sal- 0444-Michele-and-Sal- 0449-Michele-and-Sal- 0478-Michele-and-Sal- 0485-Michele-and-Sal- 0503-Michele-and-Sal- Wedding 0510-Michele-and-Sal- Wedding 0523-Michele-and-Sal- 0538-Michele-and-Sal- 0544-Michele-and-Sal- 0627-Michele-and-Sal- 0643-Michele-and-Sal- 0655-Michele-and-Sal- 0663-Michele-and-Sal- 0667-Michele-and-Sal- 0668-Michele-and-Sal- 0740-Michele-and-Sal- 0758-Michele-and-Sal- 0829-Michele-and-Sal- 0847-Michele-and-Sal- 0902-Michele-and-Sal- 0909-Michele-and-Sal- 0914-Michele-and-Sal- 0920-Michele-and-Sal- 0933-Michele-and-Sal- 0939-Michele-and-Sal- 0956-Michele-and-Sal- 0975-Michele-and-Sal- 0988-Michele-and-Sal- 0997-Michele-and-Sal- 1013-Michele-and-Sal- 1033c-Michele-and-Sal- 1054-Michele-and-Sal- 1077-Michele-and-Sal- 1091-Michele-and-Sal- 1112-Michele-and-Sal- 1249-Michele-and-Sal- 1261-Michele-and-Sal- Wedding 1273-Michele-and-Sal- 1291-Michele-and-Sal- 1294-Michele-and-Sal- 1406-Michele-and-Sal- 1451-Michele-and-Sal- 1453-Michele-and-Sal- 1454-Michele-and-Sal- 1500-Michele-and-Sal- 1507-Michele-and-Sal- 1573-Michele-and-Sal- 1659-Michele-and-Sal- 1717-Michele-and-Sal- 1744-Michele-and-Sal- 1752-Michele-and-Sal- 1765-Michele-and-Sal- 2030-Michele-and-Sal- 2044-Michele-and-Sal- 2047-Michele-and-Sal-

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