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Luby’s Restaurant – Food Photography

With the demand for online ordering, kiosks and mobile apps on the rise, so is the need for high quality food and product photography. Our team at Philip Gabriel Photography was selected by Task software to create such images for Luby’s, a popular franchise in Texas. The planning and execution of this photoshoot required a lot of moving pieces as we were creating all the photo surfaces in Pennsylvania and transporting them down to Houston where the shoot was to be held. Then, we packed up all of our photo gear and spent the week in Texas working with some amazing local food and prop stylists. Our team is accustomed to traveling for projects both large and small and we are able to create a professional photography studio set up in just about any location. This is especially helpful when clients prefer to prepare the food for set in the same environment they prepare meals for customers.

In the images seen here, we created a variety of looks from styled shots for landing pages and banners to isolated photos on white to display the items offered by themselves. Both of these styles of images are displayed on Luby’s website and examples of that have also been included in the gallery below. Let us know what you think of this project, and contact us for more information about our photo and video services!

Production Team:  Photography: Philip Gabriel Photography | Food Stylist: Claire Messerall | Prop Stylist: Kate Bohot | Photography Surfaces: Created by Philip Gabriel Photography