Our Advice For Having A Stress Free Start To Wedding Day

Posted on November 1st, 2018 in Weddings by Lauren Peterson

After months of planning, meetings and fittings, the big day is finally here!

Preparing for one of the most important days of your life is such an exciting time, as you’re surrounded by friends and family while getting ready to see the love of your life during that walk down the aisle. While the “getting ready” time is such a fun part of the day, it can also be a bit hectic and stressful.

After photographing countless couples during this process, the Philip Gabriel Photography team is here to offer some useful tips that can help kick off the stress free wedding day of your dreams!

1. Create a timeline for when everyone should be ready

The best way to ensure you and your wedding party are on time is to create a schedule for everyone!

We are happy to help you create a photography timeline for the day, but it is also helpful for you to work with your hair and makeup team to create a schedule for getting ready. This would include the time people should be finished with hair and makeup as well as when they need be dressed and ready to go.

If you want the majority of your getting ready photos to have everyone in their formal attire for the day, be sure to communicate that as well, so they can keep to the scheduled plan!

2. Have all of your wedding day details in one place and ready to be photographed

Wedding day details include: your invitation, engagement ring and both wedding rings, other jewelry you will be wearing, shoes, flowers, purse, garter, perfume, and any other special items you have with you and want documented. These are typically the first items photographed during getting ready process, and it is very helpful to have them together in one place to keep on schedule.

3. Try to have an “attractive” hanger on hand

While it is not necessary to have a monogrammed hanger, it always looks better to have an attractive hanger for photos of your gorgeous gown or suit. Hanging your it in a window helps to create beautiful photographs of your dress or suit by itself, and with you next to it!

4. Designate a time to open gifts or cards

If you and your significant other plan on exchanging gifts and cards, be sure to designate a few minutes to do so.

Some like to open gifts before getting into their dresses and tuxes, while others like to open gifts once they are completely ready for the big day. In either case, the process takes about 5-10 minutes or longer and, when accounted for in the schedule, will help to keep you on time.

5. Last, but certainly not least, enjoy yourself!!

With your schedule in place, just kick back with a glass of champagne and take it all in. A well thought-out schedule will alleviate any last minute stress and will allow you to truly enjoy all the amazing things and closest people surrounding you on one of the biggest days of your life!

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