Photos With Dogs Include Your Furry Friends In Life’s Biggest Moments!

Posted on October 19th, 2018 in Uncategorized by Lauren Peterson
Photos With Dogs 1

In most households, your dog is not just your pet, they are also your family! They are there for you every day to keep you smiling and make life better, so it is only natural we want to include them for the most special moments in our lives.

Philip Gabriel Photography has been honored to capture everything from engagements to weddings and growing families, all while incorporating the furry family members!

Here are some of our favorite ways people have incorporated their dogs into some of the most special moments in their lives:

Photos With Dogs On Wedding Day

We LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing pups on wedding day!

Whether they are only there while the couple gets ready, or are in attendance for the entire ceremony, including your dog on wedding day is such a wonderful way to tie them into the festivities.

One groom took it to a whole new level when he gave his beautiful bride a puppy as a wedding day gift!

Include Pups In Engagement Photos

It is so wonderful having your dog with you on wedding day, but that can also be pretty stressful on both you and your pup.

If having them there on the big day is too much, bring them to your engagement session or other pre-wedding events! There are few things cuter that having your dog be a part of your save the date, or stealing the show at your bridal shower.

Family Photo Sessions With Furry Family Members

As we said before, your dog is a member of your family, so it is wonderful when they are included in maternity and family sessions!

They always find a way to keep people laughing during the session, and it allows you to have those memories with your best friend captured forever.

Give Your Dog A Session All Their Own!

One of our favorite new trends is holding a session just for your furry family member!

We love these pet photography sessions because they really allow us to capture your dog’s personality and document them in a way that allows them to truly shine.

Whether you have them with you when you walk down the aisle, use them to announce the arrival of the newest family member, or want to give them a session all their own, we love honoring and including your furry family members in life’s biggest moments!

Photos With Dogs 2