What Are The Benefits Of Professional Food Photography?

Posted on May 17th, 2018 in Commercial by Lauren Peterson

Everywhere you go these days, there are pictures of food. You see food on billboards, in magazines, on menus, and online, just to name a few. They are a consumer’s first glimpse into what kind of product a restaurant or company has to offer.

In this fast-paced, instant and digital age, people make judgements quickly. This makes professional food photography all the more valuable!

Professional Food Photography Shows Value/Quality

In marketing your product, whether it’s food or something else, it is crucial for the consumer to see the value in what you are selling. Low-quality photography will give the impression that what you are selling is also of a lower quality.

When you use high-quality, well-styled food photography, consumers will be drawn to your product and will also see the value in it. As mentioned before, people these days are more visual than ever. They make more split-second decisions based upon what they see, and with that, high-quality photos are all the more important.

Keeping on Brand

To successfully promote the product or brand you are selling, you need your images to be consistent across the board.

There are some companies that rely on stock photography for photos, rather than using their own product to create creating unique images. Stock photos are typically mass-produced and aren’t a true representation of your company’s recipes, nor are they true to what a company is delivering to the consumer.

To keep a clear, consistent, and accurate representation of your company, custom photography is the best option! The right photographer and food stylist can use your recipes and ingredients to create authentic imagery that tells your company’s story, and will depict exactly what the consumer will soon enjoy.

From initial discussions and moodboards to finished images, Philip Gabriel Photography works closely with clients to make sure their vision is being carried out. We work with real ingredients, sourced props, and relevant backdrops to create stunning and impactful images of your product.


Fortunately, Philip Gabriel Photography has years of experience with photographing food, and we work with some of the best stylists in the business! We know that no two companies are exactly alike, therefore we know how to create content that is specific to a company’s brand and vision.

Investing in well-styled, professional food photography makes all the difference in engaging – and retaining – consumers. It clearly and consistently shows the quality of the product being sold, while keeping with the vision for the company.

Over the years, we have had the pleasure of working with a variety of clients to create unique and impactful images and our clients have seen the benefits firsthand. Check out some of our work below, and how clients were able to apply it!

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