Why Custom Corporate Photography Is Best For Your Company Website

Posted on May 10th, 2017 in Commercial, Portraits, Products & Services by Gabe Fredericks

If you own a business, chances are you’ve got a website.

Websites have come a long way over the years, and their appearance and usability have developed substantially. With so many attractive websites out there, it’s important to put your best foot forward with your online presence. This can be critical for your business, as a website that is easily accessible and beautifully designed can make a world of difference to your clients! Also, a website is your client’s first impression of you. The way you present yourself online should mirror how your company represents themselves in person.

A really important aspect of a well-designed website is the photography. There are a couple different things to keep in mind when selecting the photos that will go on your site:


When you’re looking for images to add to your website, it’s important that the tones and coloring of the photos all match (to some extent.) When you have a web page with multiple images per page, it’s important that the images look like they belong together. When the temperature of the images varies considerably, it may give off an unprofessional impression that will turn potential new clients away from your brand.

Image Quality

Not all stock photography is created equal! Most images that are available for download range from amateur to good (at best). Don’t sacrifice the quality of your brand just because you can’t find the perfect shot on a stock photo site. Plus, the use of stock photography is really going out of style. More and more companies enlist quality photographers to create a body of work for their website to truly represent their brand.


Be sure that the images you select match the tone and personality of the website you or your team is developing. If you would like to show your clients and future clients that your company has a casual and fun atmosphere, but only show images of professionals in suits, you may not be getting your point across! Be sure to select images that really match your company and embody its ideals.

That said, it’s very difficult to find generic stock photography that fits your specific company’s look and needs. Didn’t you create or join your company because it has something that no one else could provide? Can you really convey that message with overused stock photography that every other competitor already has on their site?

Fortunately, Philip Gabriel Photography is in the business of capturing the true essence of your brand. From our experience, we’ve never met two companies that are alike. With our custom corporate photography sessions, we can create images that really showcase the personality of your company in a way that stock photography never will.

Below is a body of work we captured for a philanthropic firm, Geneva Global. This firm uses a high-level of accountability, transparency, and measurement, to provide a unique experience for their philanthropic donors. Their high standard for production allows for exceptional client programs in the field and the creation of communications for major donor outreach.

Besides taking their professional portraits, we also created a body of work that featured their unique and personal office setting. The images we captured embodied their work environment, the space where they will work day in and day out, and where they meet their clients! You can see the images featured throughout their website, designed by the incredible web design team, Push 10.

Contact Philip Gabriel Photography today for help creating a website that truly represents your company with dynamic, high-quality imagery.