Check Out These Mouthwatering Images Of 12th Street Catering’s Delicious Dishes

Posted on July 14th, 2016 in Products & Services by Olivia Marcozzi

Creating unique dishes is something that 12th Street Catering does really well. It wasn’t hard for Philip Gabriel Photography to snap some amazing images of these culinary works of art!

12th Street Catering‘s mission is to serve their clients with fresh, farm-to-table meals. From large corporate catered meals to small group lunch gatherings, they’ve got you covered.

As word spreads about their delicious dishes, 12th Street Catering knew it was time to update their website with photos that look good enough to eat. Mole Street worked in collaboration with 12th Street Catering to design a gorgeous website that embodied their company. They also assisted with the creative for the photoshoot and designed the imagery and integration of the images on the new site.  The Philip Gabriel Photography team had a blast taking these pictures! The dishes were zesty and different, which made the photography fun.

Aside from their delicious dishes, we love that 12th Street Catering is really focused on a Green Mission. Their food is served with biodegradable materials, including dishware and servingware, and all leftover food is composted. The items that are not biodegradable are always recycled. They even grow many of the herbs used in their dishes on the roof of their Center City building!

12th Street Catering cares about their clients just as much as they do about their planet. Their impeccable service, amazing foods, and commitment to a green lifestyle radiates throughout their entire company.

We loved working with this amazing company and photographing their culinary creations. Check out the photos below to see some of their deliciously creative dishes! Also, hop over to 12th Street Catering‘s website to check out the images and how, with Mole Street’s creative eye, they were integrated to really show what 12th Street is all about!

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