Creating Gorgeous Still Life Images For The Union League Farmer’s Market

Posted on February 3rd, 2016 in Commercial, Events, Products & Services by Olivia Marcozzi

When you hear the words “commercial photography,” what images come to mind?

Perhaps a boring, staged stock image with a generic face and background? Commercial photography is often seen as cold, distant, and somewhat inaccessible or impersonal to your audience, especially if you are creating a piece for a magazine or for your website.

Philip Gabriel Photography wanted to break the mold with a very interesting piece of commercial photography for The Union League Of Philadelphia.

We set out to prove that you can create an image that looks clean and professional, but still allows for artistic license!

Our shoot was for Banner, The Union League’s monthly member magazine. The directors of the magazine wanted to showcase the upcoming Farmers’ Market, which will be hosted at The Union League exclusively for its members on February 27th. We worked closely with the directors to create something that was both personal and professional for their readers, while maintaining artistic nuances.

We used different fresh fruits & vegetables, cheeses, baguettes, and a red snapper to create a beautiful still life to represent what would be available to members at the Market. The tasty foods were packed perfectly in Farmers’ Market bags, which members will receive for free upon registering for the event.

In addition to the magazine shoot, we were able to create an artistic background for a spread in the article that would be used specifically for the Farmers’ Market.

The final product was a beautiful balance of rustic and professional. We love being able to use our creative side to play with lighting and composition, and we firmly believe that adding a personal touch to any commercial photography images is all it takes to make them appealing to your clients.

Check out our photos from the shoot below!