Little Samantha Has Arrived!

Posted on December 12th, 2015 in Studio Life by Olivia Marcozzi

Sometimes new parents are considered to be jumpy or uptight. But with our good friends Matt and Kristin, you would never know that they were first time parents. When they came into Philip Gabriel’s Media, PA studio recently for daughter Samantha’s newborn photos, they were taking care of their new little princess with ease!

Matt has been good friends with Philip Gabriel’s owner, Gabe Fredericks, for a long time. They are both board members on NACE and YB Connected and through the years the whole Philip Gabriel team has come to love Matt and Kristin.

Now we are so excited for them to start this new chapter in their lives! We were so happy to photograph their gorgeous little girl and document these exciting moments at the beginning of parenthood!

Congratulations Kristin and Matt on the birth of your new little Samantha! She is precious and the best gift for the holiday season.