2015 Wedding Trends – For The Wedding Of Your Dreams!

Posted on March 3rd, 2015 in Weddings by Gabe Fredericks

Plan ahead!

After shooting over 70 weddings in 2014, Philip Gabriel Photography has a unique perspective on Philadelphia weddings – plus the ability to spot future trends in the making!

Here are six trends for 2015 to consider when planning your big day:

Elegant Lace Is Back!

When it comes to the dress, there are nearly unlimited styles and options to choose from. Every year there’s a particular style that outshines the rest – last year it was the strapless dress, this year, elegant lace and classic and simple design elements are making a comeback!

More brides are selecting gowns with clean lines and beautiful lace that is either incorporated into the top portion of the dress or used to create straps and sleeves of various lengths. The 2015 “it” dress appears more modest then its strapless counterpart and keeps the embellishments such as crystals, feathers, etc., to a minimum.

Along with the beautiful and elegant bridal gowns, we are seeing more classic bridal portraits accompanying them. Whether they take place on wedding day or another day, these beautiful couture-esque portraits, create timeless works of art that are enjoyed for years to come.

Leave The Props Behind

Wedding photography is about documenting the love that is shared on wedding day and documenting friends and family coming together for this special occasion. Your photographer, whether with a traditional or modern style, shouldn’t need items like funky colored umbrellas or “love” signs in order to create beautiful images.

Classic images depicting your love for each other will stay timeless as years go by and the images with props will date themselves quickly.

Your Bridal Bouquet Can Last Forever

How great would it be if you could preserve your beautiful bouquet and have it last years beyond your wedding day?

We recently worked with a few brides who did just that! The flowers go through a preservation process where they are dried out and used to create a beautiful work of art.

After your wedding is over, you’ll have images and videos to relive the moments and beauty of the wedding, but what better way to have a piece of your wedding day then the preserved beautiful flowers? Below is an example of a bouquet before and after.

Bridesmaid Dresses: As Unique As Your Bridesmaids

When there’s a large bridal party (five or more) to work with, it often becomes difficult selecting “the” dress that will not only go with the style your wedding, but that will also look great on each woman.

Just like your bridesmaids have unique personalities, styles, and body types, you want the bridesmaids dresses to highlight these special aspects – not cover them. You can achieve this look in two ways:

  • Either select the same fabric and color for all the dresses, yet allowing your bridesmaids to select various styles, or
  • Select the same fabric and allow the bridesmaids to work within similar hues in the same color family as well as deciding on their own style.

Either of the options will allow your bridesmaids to shine and create a well-dressed bridal party.

Don’t Forget About The Groom

We know that weddings are all about the bride, but doesn’t the groom also deserve to be in the spotlight? A fun and unique way for the groom to share the limelight is to change at the reception into a white jacket. Depending on your venue, a white jacket may not be the ideal choice, but changing into something else (another jacket, Chuck Taylor’s, etc.) will bring a distinctive personal touch to your wedding.

Another trend is for the groom to wear a custom made suit. This is a great way to incorporate your wedding colors and potentially a custom monogram into something that will be worn more than once. Every man can use a custom suit, and what better occasion to have one made then on your wedding day?!

Philadelphia’s City Hall – Never Out Of Style

99% percent of couples who get married in Philadelphia request images in front of City Hall. The gorgeous, historical architecture of City Hall and highly traveled Broad Street always make for a memorable photographic experience. This iconic backdrop will create fantastic images that will be remembered for years and years to come.

What trends do you see happening this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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