A Jewish Summer Ceremony: Lindsay and Zachary’s Four Seasons Wedding

Posted on February 18th, 2015 in Weddings by Olivia Marcozzi

The summer is an amazing time of year for a wedding! The trees and plants are green and vibrant and the flowers are in full bloom. Lindsay and Zachary had their late summer wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia. All the trees and flowers were blooming and beautiful. Lindsay and Zachary took advantage of the scenery by having their ceremony outside while escaping the heat for their Tisch/Bedeken and reception indoors.

A beautiful part of the Jewish ceremony is the Tisch and Bedeken. Traditionally, the bride and groom sit in separate rooms on throne-like seats surrounded by their families and friends. All the men are in one room with the groom and the women are in another with the bride.

The Bedeken is a veiling ceremony in which the groom is paraded into the room where his bride sits and proceeds to screen her face with her veil. The tradition stems from the stories of Rebecca, Isaac, Jacob, and Leah in the Torah. Some ceremonies are more extensive then others depending the couple’s preferences.

Not all couples opt to have a Tisch and Bedeken in their Jewish ceremony, but we were thrilled to see that Lindsay and Zachary selected to participate in this tradition. The look on Zachary’s face when he saw Lindsay among their family and friends was so sweet!

We love documenting the traditional interaction where all the family and friends of the couple are gathered around them, laughing and excited for the celebration. Zachary’s groomsmen were particularly excited! It was awesome to capture the interaction of all the men animatedly marching Zachary into the room to see Lindsay.

Zachary and Lindsay had a sweet moment while he was veiling her and it was wonderful to capture the look between them before they went out to get married in the courtyard! It’s incredible how, in that one moment, you could really tell how much they care for each other! Those are the moments we especially love capturing on wedding day.

Congratulations Lindsay and Zachary on your amazing day! Thank you for choosing us to document all the wonderful moments you shared with your families and friends! It was awesome to be part of your celebration!

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