Planning A Surprise Engagement: A Guide For The Groom-To-Be

Posted on December 17th, 2014 in Engagements by Olivia Marcozzi

Let’s face it – men sometimes struggle for ideas for proposing to the person of their dreams. It’s a big deal – the story will be told for many years to come!

Recently, Philip Gabriel Photography had the privilege of photographing Connor’s proposal to Kate. Want to make your proposal a success? Keep these tips in mind:

1. Ask Around

Have a plan of what you’re going to do. You don’t have to have things word-for-word memorized, but get a general sense of what you want to do.

Talk to your friends, family, and professionals – they can help you develop a good idea. Connor called us weeks ahead to plan the place where he would pop the question to Kate. We talked with him and helped him decide on a location and helped him work out details. Speaking of which…

2. Location, Location, Location

Location can be everything! Choose a place that is meaningful to the two of you and your relationship. It could be at the pizza shop where you first met or maybe a place you’ve always wanted to go.

As long as it carries significance to your relationship, it will be a great spot to propose. Connor and Kate got their own personal hayride at Linvilla Orchards and champagne afterword to celebrate.

3. Check The Calendar

Make sure both of your schedules are free. Could you imagine if this guy and everyone involved had to cancel because she actually had to be at work that day?

4. Make It Fun!

A fun activity is a great way to mask the fact that you’re going to propose. Connor chose a hayride but many of our clients have done dinner out and little things that meant a lot to the two of them. Be careful though, something like this may get you in trouble.

5. Know Your Partner

Who are you proposing to? With all things considered, big proposals are fun and exciting but if you’re proposing to someone, we’re assuming you know them pretty well.

If your other half doesn’t go for the big proposal and would not enjoy something public, then don’t go for it. We’ve heard stories of couples who proposed on their couch at home and they are happily married now. As long as it’s meaningful and it shows you thought about it, we’re sure he or she will love it either way.

Looking to have that special moment documented? Contact Philip Gabriel Photography today to start planning your next big thing!