4 Reasons Why Fall Is Great For Family Portraits

Posted on December 7th, 2014 in Portraits by Gabe Fredericks

Family pictures are great in all seasons – but especially in the fall!

We compiled some terrific images “out and about” this fall including some great shots from Tyler State Park in Bucks County. One of our most important goals in these sessions is for families to have fun – photo shoots need not be painful! Taking family pictures should be a fun, creative day out with the family. Our favorite photographs come from photos when our subjects are smiling and laughing with each other and having a good time.

After capturing some great images over the past few weeks, we noted some reasons why fall is terrific for photos:

1. Fall Foliage Is Beautiful

The leaves give kids and families a natural, fun thing to play with that enhance the photographs and gets people interacting and smiling. Plus the colors look amazing!

2. Comfort

Cooler fall weather tends to be more comfortable for people, especially men. The last thing anyone wants is to be hot during a session.

3. Clothing

The season allows for adding fun accent items; scarfs, cute hats, vests, etc.

4. Lighting

Lighting in the fall is amazing! The sun isn’t as high as it is during summer months and you are more likely to get  great sunbursts in photographs that really add to the pictures.

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