Kristina And Tom’s Fairytale Wedding At The Union League

Posted on September 24th, 2014 in Weddings by Olivia Marcozzi

Kristina and Tom’s fairytale wedding took place on a gorgeous, sunny day and was celebrated at The Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul and The Union League in Philadelphia.

At some point, every little girl dreams of having a fairytale wedding. Whether it’s from of years watching Disney movies or something that just naturally occurs in our little hearts, we love the idea of walking down the aisle in a big dress with a handsome Prince waiting at the end of it.

The king and queen (parents) will give us to this prince with tears in their eyes and we’ll look around and smile, surrounded by our ladies in waiting (bridesmaids), handsome cavaliers (groomsmen), and all the members of the court (families and friends) dressed to the nines!

Kristina and Tom’s wedding is the closest to this vision we’ve seen in quite some time.

Our princess, Kristina, got dressed for the big day in her parents’ castle in Radnor, PA. Her ladies were dressed in beautiful pink gowns and admired as Kristina slipped into her dress with a big puffy skirt and lace sleeves.

Her prince, Tom, was dressed in his royal uniform (Marine dress uniform) and was surrounded by his fellow officers. He waited for her as she walked down the elegant aisle in the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul. Her father handed her over to the prince with tears in his eyes.

Philip Gabriel Photography captured beautiful and truly regal photographs all day long. The couple rode through the streets of Philadelphia in a royal carriage (Rolls Royce) and visited the fountain and one of the castles in Philadelphia (City Hall). We spent the day alongside renowned videographer, Dave Williams of CinemaCake Filmmakers, who captured our Prince and Princess beautifully. We had an amazing time and we couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces even if we tried.

At the reception, the prince and princess danced in the beautiful ballroom of the Union League until the clock struck twelve – but the only change our Princess made was a change of dresses (a beautiful lace dress) and let he hair down a bit. The Union League made a feast for the guests that was fit for a king. On top of that, The Royal Orchestra (BVT’s Jellyroll) had the whole party dancing all night long, just as they always do!

The day was magical to say the least. Many girls, as they grow older, grow out of the dream of having the same wedding as Cinderellla. For some girls, a rustic weddings is just as magical, and some others they like everything draped in pink. Whomever the girl, whatever the taste, I think we can appreciate Kristina for holding onto her dream and creating it perfectly for her day.

Congratulations Kristina and Tom! We loved working with you and we can’t wait to work with you on your album!

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