Jenn And Josh’s Wedding At The Phoenixville Foundry

Posted on June 12th, 2014 in Gabriel Cariola, Weddings by Gabe Fredericks

Jenn and Josh were married in Phoenixville last month at the spectacular Phoenixville Foundry. The day was lovely and Jenn and Josh were shining despite the somewhat-rainy weather. The couple’s beautiful family and amazing group of friends danced and celebrating all night long to the rocking sounds of Midnight Hour by BVT Live. We’re so happy that the night was a huge success for this wonderful couple!

We particularly loved Jenn and Josh’s wedding because of their unique performance and well orchestrated first dance. Jenn and Josh spent hours choreographing and planning their first dance with their fabulous event designers and planners from Table Art. Their dance was complete with an elegant dip and some beautiful spins (nice going guys!)

While the dance itself was beautiful, we also enjoyed the unique use of a silhouette curtain! While the couple danced slightly separate from their guests, they were able to share a more intimate dance and moment together as their guests watched from their seats behind the screen. The blue lighting and ambiance was beautifully created by the creative team at Table Art. It was really cool to watch and document this moment!

Most first dances are done with guests circled around the bride and groom in the middle of the dance floor. Although that is always beautiful, Jenn and Josh’s dance felt just as intimate, if not more. We feel like it takes the pressure off the couple when their guests aren’t circled around them. Instead,  Jenn and Josh were able to focus on each other in the moment while the guests were still able to watch! It was a really really sweet way to go about the dance and is not an option we see utilized often.

So Sweet! Jenn and Josh-High fived once they finished their dance!

Well done to the entire team from TableArt on putting together such a fabulous display of floral as well as lighting. The lighting experts from Eventions never fall short of perfection and lighting the dream. Both did an amazing job making Jenn and Josh’s wedding day look incredible. Decorations and beautiful but lighting is so important in make any event come to life. The right lighting can really change the tone of the entire event when done correctly. Without the lighting done perfectly, the guests would have not been able to see Jenn and Josh’s beautiful dance, and the setting would not have looked as incredible as it did. Nicely done to the entire team of wedding professionals!

All-in-all the day was lovely (rain included). Jenn and Josh, you both were great to work with and beautiful to capture. Your day was wonderful and you have an amazing family and group of friends! Congratulations!